A short intro on how to use the Jiffyscan API's


APIs are authenticated based on the header x-api-key. If you do not have an API key please reach out to us by filling out the following form and we will get back to you within 2 days - https://tinyurl.com/jiffyscan-api-form

Sample Request

Sample code to get the user operation data. You can use the following api key TestAPIKeyDontUseInCode to try out the API from readme.

curl --location --request GET 'https://api.jiffyscan.xyz/v0/getUserOp?hash=0x9ff4f6b81a168b28016723cde6f6bdc60506b6f7a682b25438779d3e65c01b1c' --header 'x-api-key: <API_KEY>'

Supported Networks

The following are the networks we currently support and their respective query parameter to be used in requests.

NetworkQuery Param
Ethereum Mainnetmainnet
Ethereum Goerligoerli
Ethereum Sepoliasepolia
Polygon Mainnetmatic
Polygon Mumbaimumbai
Optimism Mainnetoptimism
Optimism Goerlioptimism-goerli
Arbitrum Onearbitrum-one
Arbitrum Georliarbitrum-goerli
Binance Smart Chain Mainnet ( BSC )bsc
Avalanche Mainnetavalanche
Avalanche Fuji (Testnet)avalanche-testnet
Fantom Mainnetfantom
Fantom Testnetfantom-testnet
Base Testnetbase-testnet
Gnosis Mainnetgnosis

PS: The APIs are currently open and will have authentication enabled from 14th June. Please request the API keys at your earliest.